Arrange Your Sofas Effectively

When it comes to living room furniture, a sofa/loveseat combo is both a blessing and a curse. Both of these pieces of furniture provide plenty of comfortable space to sit and relax, but they can also feel too big and cumbersome for a small space. However, there are ways to arrange your sofas to make the most out of even a small apartment living room.

Sofas Facing Each Other

The two most popular arrangements for a sofa/loveseat combo are the traditional L-shaped arrangement and a square arrangement with both seats facing each other. Generally speaking, having your sofas facing each other usually saves the most space, and it's especially effective if you have an open floor plan. It essentially creates a room-within-a-room, and it's great if you like the idea of symmetry in your decor. It can also be useful for drawing the eye to an architectural focal point such as a fireplace and mantle built into your wall. You can also add a coffee table between the sofas to create a good place for entertaining guests even if you don't have a lot of space.

The L-Shape

If you have a lot of space, you can always arrange a sofa and loveseat in an L-shape. This is where your loveseat is perpendicular to your sofa. It looks more open than having the seats face each other, and it can be more comfortable if you have a television or something else that is meant to draw everyone's attention. You do need a lot of space for this option though, so it isn't really ideal for a smaller apartment.

As with all aspects of home decorating, arranging your sofas and the rest of your living room furniture involves a lot of trial and error. Experiment with different arrangements and see what you can come up with. Your only limit is your imagination, so be creative as you play with your living space.